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Welcome to Intishar,
the online window on Lebanese worldwide community

While most people would wrongly say Expatriates or Immigrants or Diaspora, we insist on the specific definition of Intishar not only because it literally means "to spread" like it's a nice and fancy new name or definition, but because in reality, Lebanese since antiquity have spread all over the known and even the unknown world, their aim was not to conquest or to settle on others land, it was mainly to establish commercial and cultural exchange then, return home.

Intishar commercial and cultural exchange is considered as the main treasure of the Lebanese people who lack of natural richness or large geographical frontiers to develop within.
History confirms that this Intishar spreading has often been the salvation for this small nation, it helped Lebanese face so many dramatic situations and changes throughout ages while at the same time, constantly building their unique identity and exception in this part of the world.

In general, the Lebanese people remain deeply attached to this ancestral culture of exchange and when they leave home land, often they set off "to spread" with a final destination in mind: return back home. Even for those who will be unable to come back home, their attachment remains very strong and they often try to transmit it to their decedents.

As a conclusion, Lebanese people did not Expatriate (expelled or exiled from one's native country), nor did they Immigrate (set off to live permanently in a foreign country), and they certainly were not dispersed nor scattered into Diaspora like the Jews; most of them left to spread and that is exactly what is defined in Lebanese terminology as the Intishar.

This site is dedicated to all Lebanese of the Intishar, for those who kept the link with their home land as well as those who find difficulties to do so.
It is our aim to put at their disposal whatever Lebanese news, activity, assistance that would be of importance or relevance to their state of being far away from home.
It will also be a place to check out things concerning their community in the country they reside.

We count on your visit and support for as the more this site grows, the more our links will become stronger and who knows,, may be the dream of coming back becomes one day reality to may of us in Intishar.

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